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Goji-Catquoll's Profile Picture
Zelda Jannett
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
***aspires to be a starving comic book artist***


hey amigos, this is my new "organized" page!
You may have known me as XxZelda-de-katxX or you've just met me!
This will be a second chance....hopefully =w=

Anyways i hope you enjoy my trash!
ALSO here's some general info for those curious stalkers out there!
Ya'll know, i dont' post any serious shtuff...more like silly crap TBH.

Betta Fish Blue crowntail by PsycoPink Free to use Goldfish Icon by Typhloser Goldfish with a Sparkly Crown by LightningRodOfHate
*** Real life Fish Mom***

Little sister ----> EllieDarkside
Twitter ----->
Youtube ---->…
Paigeeworld ---->
Old Account (old/wips/long conversations) :iconxxzelda-de-katxx:

Species: Trashy Catquoll
Age: 16 years old
Gender: i don't care what you call me
Fav. Color: Earthy colors. like blood reds, forest greens, pale yellow
Fav. Number: 2
Fav: Hobby: drawing, sleeping, learning
Fav: animal: Bettas, Tegus, and Dogs/Wolves
Fav: Myth animal: Dragons, Sphinxes, and Werewolves
Fav: Music: Indie, Rock, Latin, Electronic
How many OCs do you have?
27 that are in use at the moment. Here's a detailed list :'D
here's some pictures of them >_>……

Anthro OCs
1. Zelda (me)
2. Oedipus (the first motherfucker)
3. Phil (anthro jumping spider)
4. Ryoc (multi-eyed dog)
5. Cody (OLD wolfy boy)
6. Sunny (falcon 1 )
7. Cloudy (Falcon 2)

Different species/humaniod creatures OCs
8. Felipe (my chicken boy)
9. Ricardo (my tobacco boy)
10. Matias (my teenage child)
11. Kiseki (wereMAN)
12. Set Animal #6 (cool hermaphrodite)
13. Ramses (gay sphinx 1 )
14. Alexio (gay Sphinx 2 )
15. Shiloh (angry horse/sloth thing)
16. Raja (guardian of Shiloh)
17. William Finley (eyeball boy)
18. EC (hairless chimera)
19. Fluffy (skin-y death wrym)
20. Jynx (angry dog skull)
21. Haikua (masked fluff)
22. Hiroshi (another sphinx)
23. Luke (and another sphinx)

Strictly human/normal animal OCs
24. Mark (boring man)
25. Catherine (boring women)
26. Nero (angry boring child)
27. Ketchup (boring husky) 

Gender and Love

You have an OC that is...
(X) Male
(X) Female
(X) Intersex 
( ) Non-binary or genderqueer
(X) Genderfluid
( ) Transgender
(X) Heterosexual
(X) Bisexual
(X) Homosexual 
(X) Polysexual 
( ) Pansexual
(X) Asexual
(X) Demisexual 
(X) Aromantic
( ) Polyamorous 
(X) Single
(X) Dating 
(X) Engaged
(X) Married 
( ) Divorced 
(X) Widowed
(X) In a civil partnership 
(X) In an open relationship 
( ) In a poly relationship

18 out of 24 

Race and ethnicity

You have an OC who is...
(X) Black 
(X) Caucasian
(X) Latina/o 
(X) Indian
(X) Asian
(X) Middle Eastern
( ) Native American 
( ) Pacific Islander
(X) Another race or ethnicity 
(X) A race or ethnicity or your own creation
(X) Multiracial

9 out of 11


You have an OC that is...
(X) Christian 
(X) Jewish 
(X) Hindu
(X) Buddhist 
(X) Islamic
( ) Pagan or Wiccan
(X) Satanist 
(X) Another religion
( ) A religion of your own creation
( ) Agnostic 
(X) Atheist
(X) Anti-LGBTQA+
(X) Pro-choice
(X) Pro-life

12 out of 15

Illnesses and disabilities 

You have an OC with...
(X) Cancer 
( ) Lupus
(X) Diabetes
( ) Crohn's
(X) Depression 
(X) Anxiety 
( ) Bi-polar disorder or bi-polar depression 
( ) Schizophrenia
(X) Self-harming habits or tendencies 
(X) Alcoholism (or is a recovered alcoholic) 
(X) Drug addiction (or is a recovered addict) 
(X) Asperger's, Autism, or another form of ASD
( ) Down's Syndrome
(X) Infertility issues 
(X) Allergies 
(X) Insomnia
(X) A missing limb, multiple missing limbs, or prosthetics 
(X) Blindness or a missing eye
(X) Deafness 
(X) The inability to speak 
( ) Confinement to a wheelchair
( ) Paralysis
(X) Another illness or disability
(X) An illness or disability of your own creation

18 out of 26


You have an OC from...
(X) North America 
(X) Central America
(X) South America 
( ) The Caribbean Islands
(X) Europe 
(X) The United Kingdom 
(X) The Middle East
(X) Africa
(X) Asia 
( ) Russia 
(X) India 
( ) Australia 
( ) New Zealand
( ) Antarctica
(X) Another dimension, realm, planet, or place of your own creation. 
10 out of 15

Appearance and abilities

You have an OC with...
(x) Glasses 
(X) Freckles or visible birthmarks  
(X) Acne 
(X) Scars or burns 
(x) Missing or crooked teeth or a gap
(x) Fangs 
(X) Wings and/or horns 
(X) A tail or tails 
( ) Fins or gills 

 9 out of 10

Add up your total and that is your % out of 100: 

76 / 100 = 76%

haha...i guess i'm not as diverse at all ;u;
  • Listening to: the constant buzzing in my head
  • Reading: cheesy comic drafts
  • Watching: my youth slowly fade away
  • Playing: with my time with procrastination
  • Eating: all the crammed information
  • Drinking: my tears


prepare for my spam to be just sad doodles that loath my life :'D



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